August 10, 2009

Ken Ham Tackles the ABC Creation “Museum” Article

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I did not get to go to the Creation “Museum” with SSA, PZ Myers, et al., though as a Kentuckian I feel deeply ashamed that such nonsense is harbored in my state. If it had been any further from my college departure time, I would have made an attempt to be there. I have been following the blogging about it, and even ABC News* did a piece on it.

Of course, Ken Ham is still up in arms about this, acting like the atheists acted horribly in his amusement park sham of a “museum.” Furthermore, he accuses the ABC article of misrepresenting his viewpoints. There are a couple of strange things that he says that I would like to discuss.

We do have replicas of Darwin’s Finches in the exhibit on Natural Selection where we discuss genetics and speciation, not God’s will!!—and we do talk about floating log mats after the Flood, but certainly nothing about “mankind spread from continent by walking across the floating trunks of trees knocked down during the Biblical Flood.”

Not God’s will, huh? That sounds like a weird thing to say for someone from AiG. I understand what he is trying to get across, but he does it very poorly. “Genetics and speciation” makes me laugh, too. If the finches differentiated through genetics over a prolonged period of time, that’s evolution. I’m sure if he were to be confronted about this, he would give the same old “microevolution” tripe, but evolution is evolution and the cognitive dissonance must be massive for him.

The next thing is the “log mats.” How does that sound any less ridiculous? So the logs were all compressed into mats of some sort, and all of the people and animals on the art redistributed by walking across them. They weren’t tree trunks, though. That would be insane. If I have what he believes stated incorrectly, someone please comment and tell me what he actually believes. I’d never heard anything like this before the ABC article and I’m sure his view is equally ridiculous.

Sometimes I wonder if the writer has just heard distorted information from others, has read information too quickly and just jumps to conclusions or just makes it up to try to make the Creation Museum (and those behind it) sound ridiculous!

Just another reminder to always be careful when reading news reports on the printed page or the web!

Holy shit, I’m not Freudian, but I call “projection” on this statement. Distorted information, jumping to conclusions, making up bogus evidence? Does that sound like anybody you know? Yes, you had better be careful when reading news reports– they might just be factual and representative of an empirical reality.

I’m not even sure if Canned Ham realizes how much his floundering around after the whole thing makes him look like the irrational one. He could have benefited, or at least marginalized the damage, had he made any effort to be eloquent and civil. Though, I suppose that is too much to ask for anyone at AiG.

*They originally misrepresented the “offensive shirt” as saying “There is probably no god, so get over it.” I sent them an email asking for a correction, and I’m sure many others did, too. I am very glad they did the honest thing and corrected their piece.