September 19, 2009

God of the Gaps In My College? It’s More Likely Than You Think!

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I’m about a month into my first semester of classes at Washington University in St. Louis. It isn’t known as being a particularly activist college, but I never expected this.

I was discussing Michele Bachmann with someone from Minnesota, since Bachmann is a plague to anyone with a brain in their skull, but especially to her constituency. We were talking about how very wretched a person she is and I brought up her wikipedia page for a concise list of her crimes against logic. It wasn’t until I got to her stance on intelligent design being taught in science classrooms that I met any resistance.

“But,” a third person inquired, “intelligent design is just as legitimate a science as evolution.” I was stunned this guy is in chemistry and physics and he called intelligent design a legitimate science. I had no idea how to reply to that notion. It was 2am, I was very tired, and completely taken aback. So, I said what any person with half a mind would say:

“No, It’s not.”

Does there need to be any further refutation than that? But he goes on with his argument, which I am sure he doesn’t realize is completely irrelevant and thoroughly refuted because he hasn’t spent the last four years of his life refuting these arguments like I have.

“The universe,” he persists, “is much too complicated to have arisen from nothing, and it must have originated at one point. There must be a first cause.” Oh, please. Seriously? Our school is ranked 13th in the nation and I’m here refuting the first cause argument? If I didn’t have to live in the same building with this guy I would have resorted to being extremely rude at this point, but he’s a pretty nice guy who has never brought this up before or since this incident, so I said:

“That is a completely unscientific way of veiwing the universe. While it is true that human knowledge is anything but comp[ete, that doesn’t mean that “I don’t know” is a less favorable answer than “We will NEVER know because god did it.” There is nothing shameful about saying “I don’t know.” If you turn your god into a lack of knowledge, your god is only going to get smaller.”

And then I went to bed. Ugh.