September 19, 2009

Dylan and the Alternative Lifestyle Association

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The first meeting of the WashU ALA was last Sunday, and I went with a friend because I feel like I should be more open about my sexuality since I have developed and increasingly sex-positive worldview since the beginning of the year, partly because of Greta Christina’s Blog and partly because of revelations I’ve had about my own sexuality and where I fit in the sexual spectrum.

It is very interesting to me how stigmatized the ALA has become on campus. There are less than 20 of us, but there are lots of jokes about the “kinky sex club.” It’s strange how sexually repressed some people at this college are. I mean, it’s college. There was a girl on my floor who had never seen a condom before. Even scarier; there was a guy on my floor who had never seen a condom before. It was nice to be away from that and in an environment where sex was understood and appreciated.

All we did was eat pie and vanilla ice cream (which we all thought was amusingly ironic) and discussed our ideas of perfect relationships and favorite movies, interests, etc. Then we watched an episode of CSI that showed a dominatrix character being thoughtful and relatable and discussed the relationship the BDSM community has with the media. We then all wrote down things to give to the president of the club for ideas to talk about at later meetings.

The friend I went with is far more sexually experienced than I am, but is rather freshly out of the closet as a bisexual. He also identified me as bisexual, which is strange because I am not out. He said that he could tell by my body language. It makes me wonder how long I’ve been an open book.

I’d fuck him.


God of the Gaps In My College? It’s More Likely Than You Think!

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I’m about a month into my first semester of classes at Washington University in St. Louis. It isn’t known as being a particularly activist college, but I never expected this.

I was discussing Michele Bachmann with someone from Minnesota, since Bachmann is a plague to anyone with a brain in their skull, but especially to her constituency. We were talking about how very wretched a person she is and I brought up her wikipedia page for a concise list of her crimes against logic. It wasn’t until I got to her stance on intelligent design being taught in science classrooms that I met any resistance.

“But,” a third person inquired, “intelligent design is just as legitimate a science as evolution.” I was stunned this guy is in chemistry and physics and he called intelligent design a legitimate science. I had no idea how to reply to that notion. It was 2am, I was very tired, and completely taken aback. So, I said what any person with half a mind would say:

“No, It’s not.”

Does there need to be any further refutation than that? But he goes on with his argument, which I am sure he doesn’t realize is completely irrelevant and thoroughly refuted because he hasn’t spent the last four years of his life refuting these arguments like I have.

“The universe,” he persists, “is much too complicated to have arisen from nothing, and it must have originated at one point. There must be a first cause.” Oh, please. Seriously? Our school is ranked 13th in the nation and I’m here refuting the first cause argument? If I didn’t have to live in the same building with this guy I would have resorted to being extremely rude at this point, but he’s a pretty nice guy who has never brought this up before or since this incident, so I said:

“That is a completely unscientific way of veiwing the universe. While it is true that human knowledge is anything but comp[ete, that doesn’t mean that “I don’t know” is a less favorable answer than “We will NEVER know because god did it.” There is nothing shameful about saying “I don’t know.” If you turn your god into a lack of knowledge, your god is only going to get smaller.”

And then I went to bed. Ugh.