August 9, 2009


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You know it’s legit because of the alliteration in the title and the full capitalization, right?

"Credible. Independant. Fearless." Really?

"Credible. Independant. Fearless." Really?

WorldNetDaily is a prime example that there is still a market for fear among the conservative ranks. this article, “MEDICAL MURDER,” says that Obama is saying in his speeches that he will deny health care to anyone over 65 because they aren’t worth the expense. I don’t know where they picked up this sentiment, but it has been repeated all over Fox News as well. It is geared to scare old people into turning against the health care reforms. This leads to some questions.

How do we get people who believe things like this to listen to logic and reason? How does the president get more people behind his health care program if conservatives continue to see everything democrats do as an attack on them?

Talking to people who believe that Obama intends to kill old people seems rather futile. That would obviously be a terrible PR move, and he probably wants to be reelected in 3 more years. Furthermore, he is a compassionate human being with empathy for other people. It is obvious that MEDICALLY MURDERING anyone would be difficult for a rational human with a sense of empathy.

The article says that it would save a lot of money. Obama says it will cost a trillion dollars over the next ten years. Conservatives say that raising taxes to pay for this is a terrible idea and that if we all pay more taxes to help people get health care, socialist dragons will feast on our young and communist flies will lay eggs in our stomachs, etc. They seem to be the ones concerned about how much this is all going to cost. Wouldn’t conservatives be the ones to suggest cutting costs and denying health care to baby boomers?

Whatever, this article won’t convince anybody of anything. It exists so that paranoid conservatives can read it and say “I knew it!” and get back in their bomb shelters until the Obama administration is gone.

While I was on WND, I also stumbled across this image:

“Inspired by Thomas Paine”? If Paine were alive today, he would absolutely hate Glen Beck!


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