August 9, 2009

Don’t Believe in God? Don’t Buy a Bus Ad!

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This little image has been the subject of an internet clusterfuck as of late, so it feels befitting for me to make my first blog comments on it. It’s possible the most innocuous comment that I have ever seen. “You are not alone.” It’s a pretty obvious statement, and nothing for anyone to get alarmed over

So, of course, people are alarmed over it.

The DART Board (seriously?) said that the ads weren’t supposed to air in the first place and that the ad was offending people to the point that they were getting off the bus. Confusingly, THAT’S WHERE THE AD WAS!

This sounds like some poor backtracking by the DART Board to make this seem like they somehow weren’t involved. I have no idea why they couldn’t just say that made the decision and later regretted it. That’s stupid, but at least it’s honest.

They are obviously doing what is best for their money– not what is best for their customer or for the ideals of free speech. As a capitalist society, one should expect that but definitely not defend or encourage it. I feel that some of the blame for this clusterfuck is to be placed on the people of Iowa for causing such an uproar that the DART Board had to cover their asses. Luckily, Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers had yet to pay for the ads, so maybe they’ll get out of this with a little disappointment and not an empty wallet.

DART’s contact info is listed on their website, if you would like to comment directly to them about how they are subverting free speech while simultaneously alienating a non-profit organization that offered them money for a service that they never got.

UPDATE: So, of course, when I decide to make a blog post about this affair, DART decided to put the ads back up. They obviously did this so that I would look ridiculous in my very first blog post.


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